National Conservatism

The year 2020 was a watershed moment in the history of the United States and of all democratic nations. This was the year that the hegemony of liberal ideas, established in the wake of the Second World War, came to an end. In its place, the great liberal institutions of America have almost uniformly embraced a form of neo-Marxism (sometime called “anti-racism” or “wokeism”) that promises a future free from the sins of the past, yet will deliver only misery and cruelty. By now, most important news media, universities and schools, big technology companies, major corporations, and even government bureaucracies, intelligence agencies, and the military have adopted a policy of accommodating—or even celebrating—this neo-Marxism with its revolutionary new theories of race and gender.

This was also the year that the People’s Republic of China began to speak unequivocally about its aim of surpassing America in all spheres and establishing its own tyrannical, imperial rule over a new Sino-centric world order.

National conservatism offers the best chance of being able to withstand and ultimately defeat the twin evils of cultural revolution at home and the imperialism of the Chinese Communist Party abroad.  

National conservatives see the tradition of independent, self-governed nations as the only context within which a proper public orientation toward patriotism and courage, honor and loyalty, religion and wisdom, congregation and family, man and woman, the sabbath and the sacred, reason and justice, can be restored. We are conservatives because we see such virtues as essential to sustaining our civilization. We see such a restoration as the prerequisites for recovering and maintaining our freedom, security, and prosperity.

The Edmund Burke Foundation is a public affairs institute founded in January 2019 with the aim of strengthening the principles of national conservatism in Western and other democratic countries. The Foundation pursues research, educational and publishing ventures directed toward this end.

EBF was launched by a series of public conferences on national conservatism in LondonWashington, and Rome between May 2019 and February 2020. NatCon II was held in Orlando in the Fall 2021.

The next National Conservatism Conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on March 23 – 24, 2022.

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