New Essays on Zionism

The first volume of its kind, New Essays on Zionism presents the efforts of a new generation of Israeli thinkers to defend Zionism, philosophically and historically, against today’s deepening skepticism of the national state. Going beyond mere critiques of post-Zionist trends to offer positive and constructive works of enduring value, these featured authors are now at the vanguard of contemporary calls for a revival of classical Zionist thought.

Persuasively argued and elegantly written, New Essays on Zionism is a vital reading for anyone seeking an intellectual framework from which to address ideological opposition to Zionism and the Jewish State.


Featured Writers

Eyal Chowers

Ruth Gavison

Ofir Haivry

David Hazony

Yoram Hazony

Anna Isakova

Ze’ev Maghen

Arie Morgenstern

Michael B. Oren

Daniel Polisar

Amnon Rubinstein

Assaf Sagiv

Natan Sharansky

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