On Politics

I have maintained an interest in politics and political theory since playing the part of Ronald Reagan in a high-school election debate in the election of 1980. As an undergraduate at Princeton in 1984, I founded a campus journal for conservative thought called The Princeton Tory. In the early 1990s, I worked as an aide to Israel’s opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, accompanying him to the Madrid peace talks and assisting in the publication of two of his books. Beginning in 1994, I was head of the Shalem Center, for many years Israel’s leading research institution concerned with developing conservative (also called “neo-Zionist”) political thought in Israel.

In recent years, as conservative thought has declined throughout the West, I have increasingly turned my attention to broader questions of political theory that can have relevance to all free nations. I see Britain’s vote for independence (“Brexit”) in June 2016 as a watershed event, which is likely to lead to realignment in the politics of most Western nations.


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